What Are Your
Best Birthday Ideas?

We love birthdays. Kids or adults.

The anticipation, the uniqueness, the celebration. 

But all too often they are more of a big hurdle to get through than a thing to enjoy. Simple and fun birthday ideas are hard to find.

Did you really enjoy the last birthday you had to organise? Or were you stressed about the party, the presents, the decorations, who to invite and more.

Well, we were stressed. We would almost have paid someone to provide a full list of everything we needed to do and get. We don't mean pay someone to do the party for us. We want to do that. But to give us a list of decorations we could make, games we could run, cake that would wow and generally how to make the perfect party look easy. After all, how hard can a party for a 3 year old be? 

Honestly, pretty hard if you're not prepared.

So that's what we aim to create here. A "how to" guide for birthdays. Sound good?

Are you desperately looking for birthday ideas? Fussy 3 year old who can't decide on a theme? 16 year old not even want you around? What's the best gift for a new boyfriend? What does your wife really want to do? How do you figure it all out? 

Well, we're here to help. We are compiling a list of ideas. Instructions included. Browse for inspiration.


Are you sick of having rubbish birthdays? Nothing as you'd really wanted it. Or even worse, nothing at all?

We are.

It's not that we want a big song and dance (or do we?!) but some originality and thought would be lovely.


Your Dream Birthday

Maybe your dream birthday is to be whisked off on a surprise holiday to Paris with candlelit dinners and romance. Maybe it's a picnic in the park or a day at a spa. Maybe it's that necklace you've been dying to buy. Maybe it's just a few hours to yourself at the shops or ice rink. Or breakfast in bed then a walk with the kids.

Everyone has their own idea of a perfect day but how do you tell someone so they actually listen.

Here's an idea: make your dream birthday ideas into a webpage

Best Birthday Ideas Boasting Book

Have you had a great birthday? Or managed to make some special parts?  We'd love to hear...to make your experience into a webpage....and other people will get the chance to see and read about what you did.

If you think you hold the record for organising the best birthday ever then share! Cakes, decorations, games and more. Birthdays are always special.

This website has been created with the aim to help everyone with a little bit of inspiration. We want to help people make a once a year day special.  And to share birthday ideas that really work.

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